About Amil Solanke

Amil Solanke initially started with fashion photography as a profession but later extended to other fields like product photography, architecture photography, advertising photography and much more.
His affair with the camera is intricate and dates backs to his teenage days. From interest to hobby, hobby to passion and passion to profession, the journey has been interesting as it has been challenging. According to Amil, photography is his passion and pursuing something you love gives you the ultimate job satisfaction. Photography is his voice, his medium of purest expression.
An architectural visualizer by profession, Amil sacrificed a lucrative job and a promising career to pursue his dream of being behind the lenses, to be able to seize the moment and frame it for life. An unfaltering fascination with humans, and an obsessive need to create gives him the zeal to move ahead. Amil has up-to-the minute knowledge of digital workflow from capture to post production with everything being available to clients ‘in-house’.
Amil truly believes that there is a good moment for a good photograph. Perspective is the killer and paying heed to your emotions while shooting helps. He has learned from his experiences and the process is an unending one.
A passionate professional, one powerhouse to work with and a one stop shop for all photography needs.

Pune / Mumbai / Hyderabad

Welcome to Amil Photography. The website of Fashion, Product & Architecture Photographer Amil Solanke.

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